Real-Life Customer Examples & Pricing

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The College Student

Items Stored:
4 Juujbox storage bins, large mirror, three-drawer storage cart, small luggage

Pricing: $84.70/month

The Digital Nomad

Items Stored:
A Juujbox storage bin, large suitcase.

Pricing: $29.90/month

The Downsizing Senior

Items Stored:
3 Juujbox storage bins

Pricing: $44.85/month

The Deployed Marine

Items Stored:
6 Juujbox storage bins, television, surfboard, 2 XL duffle bags

Price: $144.55/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently do not provide moving services. Our goal right now is to be good at one thing, and that's storing your stuff for a low price.

We ask that you provide us with at least 48-72 hours of time to deliver your boxes back to you after you put your request in. In extreme circumstances, we can provide rush services for an additional fee.

Unfortunately, our storage facility is not open to the public to ensure the security we have in place for our customers.

You're only charged for two types of services:

1. Your monthly payment. This is determined by the number of storage bins or custom items you've asked us to store.

2. Delivery fees. To keep things simple, we only charge a flat rate delivery fee of $25 when you want your items back. The number of bins or weight doesn't matter.