Smart Tricks to Store Your Halloween Costumes for Next Year!

Smart Tricks to Store Your Halloween Costumes for Next Year!

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Why drop cash on a one-night costume, especially when Halloween gear can pinch the pocket? Maximize your spooky investment by giving those outfits another round. With savvy storage, a dash of creativity, and a sprinkle of DIY, you can resurrect past costumes for future scares. Preserve, upcycle, and combine — and watch your Halloween savings grow! 🎃👻🦇


Saving Your Halloween Costumes for The Future


Keep Your Halloween Looks Fresh for the Next Fright Night!

Before packing away your Halloween attire, give it a thorough check and clean. You'll want them in tip-top shape for future scares!

  1. Spot the Spots: Scan each outfit for stains or marks. Use a suitable stain remover tailored to the fabric. Dab gently on the stain - no rubbing, we don't want to spread it!
  2. Washing Woes: Read the label first! If it's a go, toss it in the machine or treat it to a professional clean.
  3. Dry it Right: Never store damp! Avoid moldy mishaps by ensuring costumes are bone-dry. Got a spooky smell? Air it outside or in a breezy spot.
  4. Patch and Perfect: Look out for tears, hanging threads, or AWOL buttons. Get those fixed up! And give those zippers and fasteners a quick test – replace any that have given up the ghost.

Remember, treat your costume right, and it'll give you chills for years to come!


Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Bulky Costumes? Here's a Quick Fix!

Got a costume that's eating up all your space? For those puffy, large outfits, vacuum seal bags are the way to go. They suck out the air, shrinking your costume and guarding it from dampness and dirt.

Once it's sealed tight:

  1. Pop it in a box
  2. Or hang it somewhere cool and dry

Besides saving space, these bags also ward off any unwanted creepy crawlies. Keep your costume fresh and ready for the next spooky season!


Wrap in Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Preserve Your Precious Costumes with Care!

Got a costume that's soft, intricate, or just too pretty to risk damaging? Here's a nifty trick: Wrap it in acid-free tissue paper.

How-to Guide:

  1. Find a tidy spot and spread out your tissue paper.
  2. Lay your costume on the paper.
  3. Gently fold the paper over, making sure the entire outfit is covered.

This simple step ensures your outfit doesn't rub against anything that could harm it. For best results:

  • Stash it in a sealed box.
  • Hang it in a garment bag.
  • Choose a safe spot away from dirt, damp, or bugs.

Your costume will thank you and look fabulous every time!


Keep Your Costumes Fresh and Fab!

Avoid mold and other nasties by storing costumes in a chill, dry spot. Extreme heat and moisture can wreck the fabric and fade colors.

Bonus tip: Pests like bugs and rodents aren't fans of cool, dry places. So, not only does this keep your costume looking new, but it also helps dodge any creepy-crawly damage.

Store smart and make your Halloween gear last longer!


Keep Costumes Crisp with Silica Gel!

Ever seen those little packets in shoe boxes? That's silica gel! It sucks up moisture, preventing mold and stale smells.


  1. Tuck silica gel packs in costume shoes to keep them shape-perfect.
  2. Pop them in storage bins for a dry costume atmosphere.
  3. Storing costumes in garment bags? Add silica gel for an extra moisture-fighting boost!

Remember: These packs can only absorb so much. If they change color, it's swap-out time to keep things fresh.


Revamp Your Halloween Costumes!

Don't just stow away your Halloween costumes; reimagine and reuse them! Mix and match parts to craft unique looks or themes, breathing new life into your collection.

Why limit dressing up to just Halloween? Host themed parties throughout the year, giving you more reasons to play dress-up. Consider organizing costume swaps with friends or neighbors to diversify your collection.

By reusing and reinventing your costumes, not only do you save money, but you also invest in your creativity and fun.


Store Smart With Juujbox!

Tired of cramming all your Halloween costumes into random corners of your closet or under the bed? Enter Juujbox, the ultimate solution for your costume storage woes. We offer these super-sized, rugged bins that seal up tight, ensuring your spooky ensembles are pristine and dust-free. No more worrying about wear and tear from the elements or that creeping basement moisture.

But wait, it gets even better. Instead of hogging space in your home, Juujbox will store these bins offsite. When next Halloween rolls around and you're itching to revisit that epic vampire getup or maybe reinvent last year's zombie bride look, just give Juujbox a shout. They'll have your costumes back to you in a jiffy, ready for another night of ghoulish fun. It's like having a dedicated closet just for Halloween, without the clutter!


Prepping Your Costumes for Storage: Quick Checklist

  • Inspect Costumes:

    • Give each costume a quick look for stains or spills.
    • Clean any spots using an appropriate cleaner for the fabric.
  • Washing:

    • Check care labels before washing.
    • Machine wash if suitable.
  • Drying:

    • Ensure costumes are completely dry to prevent mold or musty smells.
    • Air out for 1-2 days, preferably outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.
  • Repairs:

    • Check for small rips, missing buttons, or loose threads.
    • Make any necessary repairs to keep the costume in top shape.

Now they're ready for storage! With this checklist, your Halloween costumes will stay in prime condition for future use.

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