About Juujbox

Juujbox is a family-owned business that started its roots in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego.  

Like most families, we often find ourselves looking for extra space inside the house to keep things nice and tidy. With the pandemic accelerating the work-from-home lifestyle, the need for more space at home became even more evident. We found boxes in different parts of our condo filled with holiday decorations, and seasonal clothing.  

We needed a solution that allows us to quickly free up space without paying a lot of money or needing to drive to a storage facility since we don't own a truck. Once we did some digging, we realized that we're not the only people running into this problem.  

Our findings inspired us to come up with Juujbox. An on-demand storage solution where you pay for what you use and have the boxes picked up and delivered right back to your door.  

Our goal is to provide a simple storage solution at an affordable rate to help others in downtown San Diego find the space they need at home and free themselves of clutter.  

About Ali

Hi! My name is Ali, and I'm a fifteen-year resident of San Diego.

My experience includes strategic and leadership roles for companies like Oracle, Rackspace Technology, and Wells Fargo.

The idea of Juujbox struck me after my first remote job in 2017. The pandemic accelerated the idea, and with more and more people beginning to work from home, the need for more space became evident.

Juujbox is the first piece to a larger puzzle, and I hope with your feedback and support, Christina and I can take this idea into the next stage and quickly expand to support a larger area.

My Philosophy

If there's a need for your product or service, and the people representing your company can make a living and enjoy what they do, success will quickly follow, and more importantly, it will last.  

One of the requirements I have of our current and future investors is that cutting pay for our general employees is non-negotiable. I've been privy to what takes a company down and what makes a company great in my years of working in corporate America.  

At the core of everything, your people represent your business. Companies are quick to shout out messages about the importance of their employees online, but rarely is there any follow-through or action.  

Paying a livable wage should be a core piece of the business plan and not an afterthought or an area that's immediately considered during tough times. The business itself needs to be built on the idea of your employees making a reasonable wage and considering your margins around this.  

A happy employee means: 

* Excellent customer service and an advocate who will promote your business, especially in a face to face environment

* Higher employee retention, which in addition to helping customer service scores, also means less recruiting, onboarding, and hiring costs for a business 

* A positive contributor to the city