About Juujbox

Juujbox, our family-owned business, began in downtown San Diego's vibrant Little Italy neighborhood.

Like many families, we often struggled to find extra space in our home to keep everything organized.

The shift towards working from home, hastened by the pandemic, made the need for additional space even more pressing. Our condo was gradually filling with boxes of holiday decorations and seasonal clothing.

We were in dire need of a storage solution that was both cost-effective and convenient, especially since we didn't have a truck for trips to storage facilities.

After researching, we discovered that this space crunch wasn't unique to us. This revelation sparked the creation of Juujbox a storage solution where you only pay for the space you use.

We offer a service where your storage boxes are picked up and returned directly to your doorstep.

Our mission is to offer a straightforward, budget-friendly storage option to our neighbors in San Diego, helping them reclaim their living space and eliminate clutter.

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