Storage Tips for College Students and Their Parents

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Transitioning from College to Home: Storage Tips for Students and Parents

Is your child moving back home from the dorms? Learn about different storage solutions to help maximize space and organize better!

Navigating the Move Back Home

Moving from the campus dorm to the family home can be both exciting and overwhelming for students. Adjusting to life without roommates is just one part of the equation. Deciding on the right college student storage solution for all those new college possessions is another crucial aspect.

We've gathered some tips to make this transition smoother, whether you're looking for secure storage solutions during summer breaks, holidays, or need creative ways to organize belongings in a small space.

The Challenges of Moving Back Home

Returning home often means adapting to family life again. Students who have enjoyed the independence of college might find it tricky to readjust to family routines. Plus, they now have more belongings than when they left - textbooks, clothes, electronics, and other items collected over time. The big question is: how to fit all these into their old room, already filled with childhood memories and items?

Most students aren't seasoned movers, making it daunting to efficiently pack, safely transport, and then unpack and arrange everything back home.

Why Proper Storage Solutions Are Essential

Let's talk about storage solutions. They might initially seem like just an additional expense, but they can be incredibly beneficial during the transition from college to home.

Imagine trying to fit all the college essentials - books, clothing, and sentimental items - into your child’s bedroom at home. That's where a storage solution comes in handy. Not only does it offer extra space, but it also protects these items from potential damage caused by weather, pests, or accidental mishaps.

Moreover, using a storage solution helps maintain peace at home. By storing excess belongings outside the house, shared family spaces remain uncluttered, reducing potential conflicts and keeping the living environment comfortable for everyone.

Top 6 Storage Tips for College Students

Summer Storage for Students

  • Clear Plastic Bins: These are sturdy, water-resistant, and let you see the contents without opening them. They're also stackable, which is great for maximizing space. Choose bins with secure lids to keep out dust and pests.
  • Label Everything: Labeling is key for efficient storage. Write down a brief description of the contents on each bin or box. This way, finding what you need becomes easier and quicker.
  • Vacuum Bags for Clothes: These bags are perfect for storing clothes as they compress items and protect against dust and moisture. Ensure the clothes are clean and dry before packing.
  • Store Books Horizontally: Books, especially heavy textbooks, require special care. Store them horizontally to ease the strain on their spines.
  • Protect Electronics: If possible, store electronics in their original boxes. Otherwise, bubble wrap is a good alternative. Ensure they’re not packed too tightly and remove batteries to prevent damage.
  • Create an Inventory: An inventory of what’s in your storage solution simplifies locating specific items and ensures nothing is forgotten during the move. Keep a list or use a digital app for convenience.

5 Ways to Save on Storage Solutions for Students

  • Plan Your Storage: Begin with a solid plan on how you'll organize your items. Use sturdy boxes or bins, filling them to capacity. Disassemble larger items like furniture to save space.
  • Declutter First: Before storing, sort through the items and get rid of anything unnecessary. This can significantly reduce the required space and, in turn, the cost.
  • Pick the Right Size: Choose a storage solution that fits your needs without being too large. An overcrowded storage space can damage your items.
  • Consider Location: Storage facilities in less central locations might offer better rates. If frequent access isn’t needed, opting for a facility a bit further away could save money.
  • Share if Possible: Sharing a storage unit with a friend or relative can cut costs. Make sure to establish clear rules and keep items organized.

Considerations When Opting for a Storage Unit

students going on summer break 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, Juujbox isn't available to college students outside of San Diego. If you find yourself needing to rent a self-storage unit, this portion of the guide will help you make it an easier experience. Choosing to rent a storage unit involves more than just paying the rental fee. There are several other aspects to consider to ensure a smooth and efficient storage experience. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Acquiring Packing Supplies: Proper packing is crucial for protecting your items. You’ll need to invest in quality packing materials like sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for labeling. Consider the size and fragility of items to determine the types of boxes and protective materials required.
  • Transportation Logistics: Moving items to the storage facility often requires a vehicle larger than a standard car. You might need to rent a truck or van. Look for rental agencies that offer vehicles at a reasonable rate. Remember to factor in the cost of gas and any additional insurance you might need for the rental.
  • Seeking Assistance: Moving heavy items can be a daunting task, especially if done alone. Enlist the help of friends or family members. This not only makes the process more efficient but can also turn a strenuous task into a more enjoyable one. Plan in advance and consider offering a small thank you, like a meal, as a token of appreciation for their help.
  • Plan Your Move: Strategize the moving day by creating a checklist and a timeline. This helps in ensuring that nothing is forgotten and everything is done in an orderly manner. Allocate sufficient time for packing, loading, transportation, and unloading at the storage facility.
  • Insurance for Stored Items: Check if your home insurance covers items stored off-site or if the storage facility offers insurance options. It’s important to have coverage for your belongings against potential risks like theft, fire, or water damage.
  • Access Hours and Facility Rules: Understand the access hours of the storage facility and any specific rules or regulations they have. This is crucial if you need to retrieve items from your storage unit occasionally.
  • Long-Term Commitments and Costs: Be aware of the length of the rental agreement and the associated costs. Some storage facilities offer discounts for long-term rentals, but it’s important to ensure that the contract terms align with your needs.

Maximizing Your Storage Unit Experience

With the right approach, renting a storage unit can be a good option. By considering these additional aspects, you can ensure that your belongings are not only stored safely but also that the process is as cost-effective and smooth as possible.

DIY Storage Solutions for a College Student's Room

  • Repurpose Furniture: Use old bookshelves or dressers for storage. They can be refurbished to fit the aesthetic of your child’s room.
  • Under-the-Bed Storage: Use low-profile bins designed to fit under the bed, ideal for storing items that are not frequently needed.
  • Install Shelves: Shelves can create additional storage space on walls, perfect for books or decorative items.
  • Pegboards for Versatility: Pegboards are great for organizing tools, accessories, or craft supplies and can be customized as needed.
  • Over-the-Door Organizers: These are great for storing shoes and accessories and take up very little space.
  • Small Item Organization: Use mason jars or small bins to keep track of small items like jewelry or stationery.
  • Vacuum Bags: They're not just for clothes; vacuum bags can also compress bedding or plush toys, saving space and protecting them from dust.

Final Thoughts

Moving from college back home doesn’t have to be a hassle with the right storage solutions. At Juujbox, we understand the storage needs of college students and offer various affordable options. Our pickup and delivery service ensures a cost-effective and convenient solution for your child’s belongings. Say goodbye to storage concerns and explore Juujbox for competitive rates and tailored solutions.

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