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Free Pickup | Starting from $9.95/month.

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Looking for a Storage Unit?
We pick up, store and bring your stuff back when you need them.

Save Money

Avoid Paying for an Entire Storage Unit 

Save Time

Pickup and Delivery from your Door 


24/7 Secured and Monitored Facility 


24-48 Hour Turnaround Times 

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Here's How Juujbox Works

1. Pack

Pack your stuff in the free boxes we'll provide you or use your own.

2. Pickup

We'll come pick your boxes up when you're ready.

3. Store

We'll securely store your items.

4. Deliver

We'll deliver your boxes to your door when you need them.

Want to use your own boxes and bins?

Call us at (858) 328-2898, email us at, or use the chat below for a custom quote!

Why San Diego Stores with Juujbox

Avoid paying for an entire storage unit.

No need to rent a truck or ask a friend for help.

Quickly store and retrieve the items you need.

San Diego-based customer support.

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Discover why juujbox is different:

juujbox PODS Traditional Storage
Home pickup and delivery
Free boxes for packing
Pay for what you need
Packing supplies
Individual item delivery

Why Pay for a Full Self-Storage Unit?

It's almost a universal fact that no one enjoys leisurely trips to a storage unit.

Juujbox helps alleviate the pain of trying to store your items.

We give you quick access to things you might not frequently need but don't want to send to a permanent graveyard in a storage facility.

When it's time to retrieve one or some of your items, we're just one quick message away.

We'll deliver your stuff back to your door when you need them.

Want to use your own boxes and bins? That works too. Call or email us for pricing.

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