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Juujbox picks up, stores and brings your personal belongings back when you need them.

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Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe

Juujbox provides Digital Nomads and Remote Workers a place to keep their items while they travel without the costs and hassles of renting a storage unit.

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Here's how Juujbox works

1. Pack

Pack your personal and private items in the storage bins we'll provide you.

2. Pickup

We'll come pick your storage bins up before you leave town.

3. Store

We'll securely store your items while you're away.

4. Deliver

When you're back in San Diego, we'll deliver your storage bins to your door.

Top 5 Reasons Digital Nomads Use Juujbox Storage

1. Nomads travel light, and that means the non-essential items need to be sold or stored. Juujbox offers an inexpensive way to quickly store or retrieve your belongings while you're out of town and living the remote life.

2. Part of being a digital nomad also means living a minimalist lifestyle. For example, most nomads don't own cars or trucks that can get them to a self-storage facility. Juujbox addresses that challenge by picking up and delivering items from your door.

3. Self Storage is expensive, and digital nomads rarely need an entire storage unit for their belongings. With Juujbox, you only pay for what you store.

4. On occasion, our digital nomad customers want individual storage bins that include cold-weather clothes or sporting gear shipped from our warehouse to a destination they're traveling to. Juujbox can accommodate these types of unique requests.

5. Nomads need a storage solution that can match the flexibility their lifestyle demands. Juujbox can pick up your items from one address and deliver them to a different address in San Diego.

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Self Storage for Digital Nomads

Most digital nomads need to consider storage when they start their remote life journey. Yet, as one blogger shared, storage is usually an afterthought, an invisible cost, and in her case, the bane of her existence.

For a digital nomad, finding a place to store personal belongings can be tricky. Self-storage units are certainly an option, but they're expensive, and the cost adds up quickly. Most people will realize that they've paid more for storage than the value of their belongings after a short period.

You can also consider storing your items with a friend or family member, but a change in their life can put you in a tough spot, making you find someone willing to help move your things from one place to another.

Juujbox is unique in that you only pay for the items you store. Pickup and delivery are included as part of our business model, and we've kept the pricing competitive and straightforward. Need to have something shipped to a different address outside of San Diego? We have you covered. We can be flexible and creative where self-storage facilities cannot.

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Currently, we are providing coverage to the city of San Diego up through La Jolla and down as far as Chula Vista.

As long as we have written consent, and the items we are storing are marked (or in our storage bins), we can accommodate this.

Yes! We can ship your boxes and storage bins from our storage facility to another location for the cost of ground shipping + a $25 service fee.

We charge you only for the space your items use in our storage facility.

Fixed pricing is provided for the storage bins we have listed on our website.

Want to use your own boxes and bins or store miscellaneous items?

Not a problem.

We can create a custom quote based on the dimensions of the items you're storing.

The fastest way to do this is to send us a picture of the items you'd like to have us store.

There are only two fees we charge:

1. Monthly cost of your storage.

2. Delivery fees.

To keep things simple, we only charge a flat rate delivery fee of $25 when you want your items back. The number of boxes or weight doesn't matter. Pickup is always free.

Juujbox is the ideal storage solution if you're looking to store your personal belongings in a secure location outside of your vacation home. This includes things like:

Seasonal Clothing

Holiday Decorations

Small Appliances

Sporting Gear

Baby Items

Musical Instruments

Juujbox is not your best option if you need to store:


Large Appliances



Stuff that will get us both in trouble

Insurance is included at no additional cost.

We ask you not to store valuables and perishable items in our storage facility.

We ask you to give us 24-48 hours for both pickup and delivery of your items.

We are open seven days a week from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, and availability is dependent on our schedule. We can accommodate after-hours delivery for an additional cost.

No. We currently do not provide moving services and are focusing on providing an excellent storage service.

Yes, as long as we provide service in that area which is currently the metro San Diego area, we can deliver to a different location where the pickup was done.

If you'd like your items delivered elsewhere, we can ship them to you via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.
We would still charge you the delivery fee of $25 for picking the box up and will pass through the shipping costs from the carrier.

Yes! We can deliver partial items back to you upon request.

We have customers that want occasional access to things like sporting gear or holiday decorations.

It's a $25 flat delivery fee for having one, some, or all of your items delivered. Pickup is always free!

We currently use a storage warehouse near Downtown San Diego.

Customers are not allowed to visit the storage facility as we control access to the warehouse and our customer's belongings.