Ship your items to our warehouse.

We'll deliver everything to your dorm when you arrive.

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How Ship-To-School with Juujbox Works

1. Ship your boxes to our warehouse.

Ship your boxes from home and purchases from any online retailer directly to our secure warehouse.

2. We receive, label & store your items.

We'll collect the larger boxes for you, and place smaller items into one of our large storage bins for easier handling.

3. We deliver to your dorm.

We'll drop off all your boxes and bins at your dorm on the day you arrive, ensuring a smooth move-in experience.

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What students & parents think about Juujbox


I was so impressed with Juujbox's ship-to-school service for my child. They collected all the larger boxes and packed the smaller items into bins, making the move incredibly easy. It gave us peace of mind knowing everything would be ready upon arrival.

- Amy B.

Juujbox made moving day stress-free for our family. They delivered everything directly to my son's dorm, and it was all in perfect condition. Their customer service was outstanding.

- Liam S.

I couldn't believe how easy and affordable Juujbox made the whole process. They handled everything from shipping to storage and delivery, all at a great price. It made my son's move to college stress-free and within our budget. We'll definitely use Juujbox again next year!

- Alex M.

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Enjoy a stress-free move-in.

Avoid having to deal with traffic, long elevator lines and moving bulky items up flights of stairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving, storing and delivering of each box is $25. We're big fans of simplicity and transparency.

Smaller items will go into one of our large storage bins and each bin will also be $25.

You can send your boxes from home or have your online purchases shipped directly to our secure warehouse.

We receive, label, and store your items securely until you're ready for delivery.

We accept most standard shipping sizes and weights. Contact us for oversized and extra large items to make proper arrangements.

You can begin sending items to our warehouse within 30 days of your student moving into their dorm.

As opening day approaches, we'll send an email to all of our customers and capture their address and time of arrival.

Yes, you can consolidate shipments from different locations to our warehouse.

No minimum requirements. We like to keep things easy.

Our warehouses are climate controlled and monitored 24/7.

Our pricing is transparent, and you only pay for the items you store. Contact us to get a quote.