Step by Step Guide to Using AirTags to Track Your Items During a Move

Step by Step Guide to Using AirTags to Track Your Items During a Move

Are you looking for a way to ensure you do not lose any of your belongings during a move? Or maybe you just need an effective way to track your items for a period of time. In that case, Apple's AirTags are a solution you should consider. 

After all, technology is there to help you in many ways. How many times have you lost your car keys or other items? Well, Apple has found a way to solve this constant problem. 

This article will show you another way to use your AirTags. By the end of this article, you will know how to use AirTags to find things in your storage quickly. But before we do that, let us look at what exactly an AirTag is and how you can set it up to track your belongings.

What Exactly is an AirTag? 

In a few words, AirTag is a tracker that allows you to locate items via your smartphone. This is possible thanks to the Find My app, which is compatible with most iPhone models. Although there are several ways to use an AirTag, most people use a holder with a key ring to connect their AirTag to their keys.

Others put one AirTag inside their backpack to make sure they don’t lose it in the future. According to Apple, an AirTag can also be used for locating personal items like your bike, your expensive umbrella and much more. 

Remember that if you own an Android Samsung device, the AirTags won’t connect to your device. Therefore, you should opt for a Galaxy SmartTag instead. 

There are three ways in which an AirTag allows you to find your items:

  1. You can use the Precision Finding feature via the Find My app to pinpoint your item
  2. You can find your AirTag on the map with the Find My Network feature that is available on the latest iPhones 
  3. You can use the built-in speaker to play a sound and find your AirTag 

Remember that AirTag is a water and dust-resistant device with a long-lasting, replaceable battery. As a top-notch tracker, an AirTag is also very small (1.2 x 0.3 inches) and lightweight (0.39 ounce). 

Are AirTags Effective for Storage Facilities and House Moves?

This can be particularly effective for storage facilities. If you are about to move some of your stuff into a storage unit, you could activate a few AirTags and hide them somewhere in your items. 

Some storage facilities, like Juujbox are monitored 24/7 and offer door-to-door pickup and delivery. But that’s not the case for every storage company out there.


At the same time, if you don’t want to lose stuff during your next move, you can also use this strategy for tracking things in your storage. So, if you feel unsafe moving your belongings in storage, AirTags are a smart solution. 

Let’s continue by exploring how you can obtain and activate an AirTag.

How to Set Up an AirTag

AirTags are available in most electronic stores on the market at a reasonable price. After obtaining one or more AirTags, you must connect them to your Find My Network app. The process is really simple: 

  • Unbox your AirTags and remove the plastic cases
  • Once you do, you will hear a sound
  • Bring your AirTag close to your iPhone or iPad. If everything was performed correctly, a pop-up message should appear on your phone or tablet
  • Click on connect. Select the name you want to give on this particular AirTag. For example, if you put this tracker inside a box with clothes, you could opt for a name like “Summer Clothes.” 
  • Register your new AirTag via Apple ID 

This is it! You’re now ready to attach your AirTag to your items and find it via the Find My app. 

How to Attach Your AirTag to your Item

Next, you need to attach your AirTag to your item using the Find My app. To do that, you must open the application, click on Items, and select Add New Item. From the pop-up window, select Add AirTag

After that, you can use your AirTags and track your belongings in real time. 

Tips for Using AirTags to Make Your Move Easier

Suppose you are about to move or have just rented a storage unit for some of your items. If that’s the case, there are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  1. Precision Finding is the best way to find misplaced items.
  2. The AirTag Play Sound function is the best way to find your item if you are sure it is nearby.
  3. Ensure your AirTag battery is full every time you visit your storage. If not, consider replacing it with a very affordable CR2032 battery.
  4. If your AirTag is out of range, you can use the Lost Mode feature in the Find My app. 
  5. If you use the AirTags during a move, turn them off after the items are returned. You will need them in the future.


How expensive is an AirTag?

The Apple AirTag is an affordable electronic tracker. You can buy them for about $30 on online marketplaces like Amazon. 

Is it hard to set up an AirTag for moving? 

To make a long story short: No. Setting up an AirTag for moving is very easy and won’t take longer than five minutes. 

Can you attach an AirTag to any item?

Absolutely. AirTags are very small and lightweight. This allows you to attach them to any small or large item. 

Wrap Up 

When you move out of your home, you risk losing or misplacing an item. For this reason, AirTags are a very smart way to track things during a move. You can also use this strategy to track items in your storage unit. Not only will this help you find the items in the long run, but it will also protect you if someone tries to break into your stuff.

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