Self Storage for College Students: A Comprehensive Guide

Self Storage for College Students: A Comprehensive Guide

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Self storage for college students is always in high demand. If you are a student studying far away from your hometown, you may run out of space. We have all experienced this.

Some facilities can meet your needs, whether you need extra space to move your belongings during summer break or your dorm runs out of space.

This article will analyze all the things you need to consider as a student when choosing a self-storage facility.

Self Storage for Students: What is it?

For most students, space is a constant problem. Almost always, a dorm room needs more space. Because of that, you end up looking for storage services near your campus. College storage facilities can help you move your belongings into secure units for as long as you don’t need them. 

And this is a smart solution for students who are out of space and far from home. That being said, there are a few other occasions when self-storage for students can come in handy. 

Reasons Why Students Need College Storage

The 3 main reasons why college students might need extra storage space are:

  • Lack of space in their dorm room is the most common reason. Most dorms don’t offer extra storage space. College storage is a smart solution if you’re feeling limited by your shared space. With a storage facility, you can save space by moving seasonal items (e.g. Christmas decorations), clothes, furniture and much more. 
  • Summer storage needs: Most students are required to leave their dorm room for the summer months. Placing your personal belongings in a nearby summer storage facility is not only easier, but also less expensive than moving to your hometown every few months.
  • Special cases like traveling or studying abroad: There are cases when you want to leave your dorm for a few months. Traveling and studying abroad are only a few of these special occasions. If that’s the case, then a college storage unit will be the best way to go. 

How to Find the Best Self-Storage Facility for Students

If you decide to rent a student storage unit, you must first clarify your student needs. For example, do you need to clear your dorm room and store many large items like furniture? If so, you should opt for a large summer storage space. 

On the other hand, if you only need to move a few boxes, a small storage unit is the best solution. Some companies allow you to schedule pickup and delivery. This is particularly beneficial for students. If you can find such a flexible facility near you, you'll save a lot by not having to rent a truck for your move.

Finally, there are standard and climate-controlled storage facilities. A standard summer storage facility will probably suffice if you only need to move your belongings for a few weeks or months.

But for special items that need optimal temperature and humidity conditions (e.g. artwork, electronics, clothing), a climate-controlled college storage facility is the best solution.

Best Facilities that Offer Storage for Students 

Some self-storage facilities specialize in the extra storage you will need as a student. The best self-storage companies for students in 2022 are:

  1. Juujbox: Unlike other facilities, Juujbox is a very flexible self-storage company. The facilities are located in San Diego, and the company accommodates students from the San Diego State (SDSU), the University of San Diego (USD) and the University of California San Diego (UCSD). With top-notch customer support, affordable plans (starting at $9.95 per month) and unique door-to-door services, this is the best choice for students who want to store small and big boxes.     
  2. CubeSmart: This is one of the most popular storage facilities for students for good reasons. Even though CubeSmart doesn’t offer the flexible services of Juujbox, the units are affordable and the customer support is great. CubeSmart has facilities in multiple cities around the US, like San Diego, Los Angeles and Boston. As such, this is a smart solution for students who want to store large items such as furniture. 
  3. Extra Space Storage: As with CubeSmart, Extra Space Storage is a company that has multiple storage units in 800+ locations across the country. Their services are pretty self-explanatory. All you need to do is choose the size and type of storage unit, and rent it for a few months or more. 

Best Tips to Prepare for Your Extra Space

If you’ve decided on the type of college storage and the facility you’ll opt for, all that’s left is to prepare your items for college moving. 

We know that this can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating, process. But, it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

  • Decide which items you will move according to the unit (or number of boxes) you’ve rented.
  • Get the packing supplies you’ll need (boxes, tapes, etc).
  • Label all boxes and items to avoid having a headache finding the items you’ll need in the future.
  • Organize your space based on your needs. For example, if you know some items won’t be needed anytime soon, place them towards the back of your college storage unit. 
  • Make sure that your valuable and fragile items are safe.

Wrap Up

If you’ve never used a student storage space before, you have nothing to worry about. In truth, the process is very simple, and you will be able to store the items you don’t need in no time. 

You must rely on reliable and flexible facilities that offer affordable units and pickup/delivery services. The only service that meets all of the above criteria is Juujbox. But CubeSmart and Extra Space student storage are also top choices if you need to store large items.

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