Firearms and Self-Storage: Can You Store Guns In A Storage Unit?

Firearms and Self-Storage: Can You Store Guns In A Storage Unit?

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Interested in storing weapons in a storage unit? You're not the first person to wonder if it's possible. When you think of self-storage, people first think about boxes, books, lamps, furniture, decorations, artwork, electronics, sporting gear, and appliances. Of course, people would want to keep their guns and ammunition away from home for many reasons. But finding a storage unit that will allow for gun storage can be tricky.  

Here are a few reasons people consider a storage unit for storing their guns: 

  • Home association guidelines
  • Insurance policy requirements
  • Protecting children from firearms and unauthorized use

Most storage units in San Diego prohibit storing guns and other firearms. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a solution for people who want their weapons stored. Before considering renting a storage unit, read through their guidelines and requirements. Or better yet, call and ask whether they will allow gun storage. You'll usually need to disclose the type of weapon you're storing and provide relevant information to the storage provider. 

Can You Store Guns in a Storage Unit Legally and Safely?

When it comes to firearms, one's safety should always come first. As bullets are considered explosives, keeping them in a warehouse is usually against the law. Unfortunately, Juujbox is not equipped to handle the storage of ammunition and explosives. 

If you're looking for a place to store your gun in San Diego, you can opt for the Discount Gun Mart off Moreno Blvd. As listed on their website, you'll need to have a signed storage contract for them to store your guns. 

The good thing about using a provider specializing in gun and ammunition storage is that they understand what it takes to properly store these items. They'll be the ones who best understand the laws of gun storage and will make sure your items are adequately secured. 

In addition to securing your firearms with a device that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing them, the following advice can assist you in storing firearms more securely:

  1. Discuss the proper use and storage of firearms with your kids. If you have kids, they need to know that guns are hazardous and should never be handled by anyone in the house without adult supervision. Pick a quiet time and place to have this talk with your kids. Plus, remember that it's more effective if it's a conversation than a lecture; you need to know how they see guns now so you can dispel any misconceptions.
  2. Your key and passcode are private. If your gun is locked away in a secure case, never give anyone else the key or password to your weapon, no matter how much you trust that person. Suppose you're willing to lend a firearm to a friend or family member. In that case, you should take the time to disable the locking device before handing over the weapon.
  3. Keep ammunition and firearms in different locations. In that way, your guns would still be protected even if an intruder were to break through your primary locking mechanism to gain access to them.

You should still notify the facility of your intention to store guns in a unit, even if the laws in your County or State are more lenient. Every self-storage facility sets its guidelines in this area.

What you should know

Gun storing, or keeping a collection of guns in storage facilities, requires more planning and thought than storing more common household items, fixtures, and fittings. Find out how to safely keep your weapons away.

Read Your Storage Providers Policy

Some owners of storage units allow customers to keep firearms at their facilities, while others do not. The business owners may have a cap on the number of guns stored in each space and restrictions on which kinds of weapons can be kept there. For example, because ammunition is an explosive, keeping it in a storage unit is strictly prohibited, even if it is kept separate from the firearm.

Before putting your signature on the storage unit contract, ensure everything is in order. You should inquire about the company's policy if weapons are not mentioned. Customers who break the rules may find themselves in increasingly uncomfortable situations with legal implications. There is a possibility that the contract will be voided, wherein all of the belongings must be removed from the premises immediately.

Find Storage with Climate Controlled Units

To prevent rust from developing on their firearms, all firearms owners should take the necessary precautions to keep their weapons dry. For example, a significant thing to consider is the humidity level for someone living in Florida. Alterations in temperature also increase the likelihood of condensation occurring. Protecting firearms from moisture and rust during a long-term storage unit requires more than just wrapping and bags.

Always protect your belongings by storing firearms in a unit that has climate control. To reduce the likelihood of the device being damaged, check its temperature and humidity controls. In addition, it is strongly recommended that additional protective measures, such as gun safety, be utilized.

Prepare the Gun for Storage

Before putting it away, clean the gun. Cleaning not only removes the oil from fingerprints, which could cause damage to the barrel, but also eliminates any gunpowder residue that may have been left behind. Because the residue is an explosive, allowing it to be left behind would be a violation of the terms of the contract. Although the likelihood of a fire occurring due to the residue is low, you could be held legally liable if one occurs.

For added protection, the weapon should be kept unloaded at all times, and a trigger lock should be installed. Put the firearm away in a gun safety container. When retrieving items from a storage unit that have been there for a year or two, it is simple to forget where the gun is kept. A secure case protects the firearm from being damaged if other items marked in the unit are dropped or moved around.

Don't stack guns on top of each other or vertically in a box. Instead, store them horizontally or with the muzzle pointing down. Gravity pulls gun oil downward into the action when guns are stored upright, forming a sticky film. Oil also can drain onto the stock, softening the wood.

Call Insurance Companies

Ensure that you have insurance that covers everything that is kept in the storage unit. It's possible that the storage facility will include some coverage in the rental agreement, or they might offer it as an additional cost. Check to see that the amount provided by the storage company is enough to pay for the entire value of the items you have put into storage. If required, you should pay a third-party insurer for a supplemental renter's policy or self-storage insurance plan.

Keep your Possessions Safe

Gun owners should always be wary of theft due to the valuable nature of their weapons and the potential for them to be used in other criminal activities. In addition, criminals favor stolen guns since it is more difficult for the police to link the weapon to the criminal who stole it. Maintain the security of your gun safe by transporting them incognito and stowing them in the back of the storage unit, hidden behind less desirable items such as standard household goods.

Don't Forget to Pay Your Storage Bill

It is possible to lose everything in the storage unit and have it auctioned off if the rent is not paid on time. Investigate the various means to avoid making a mistake that might result in losing the things stored in the unit. It is essential to be mindful of your financial obligations to prevent unwanted accidents to your weapons in storage.

Consider setting up automatic monthly payments or paying for the entire agreement length once when renting the storage facility.

Most self-storage facilities ban guns. However, some storage owners allow gun storage. Before storing your firearm, check the facility's rules and prepare it. Check if the space can hold guns. Again, climate-controlled storage is best for weapons.

At Juujbox, we place a high priority on ensuring the security of every item. Although we don't provide storage for guns, you're always welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions about self-storage options for firearms or would like guidance.

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