Storage for Airbnb Owners: Everything you Should Know

Storage for Airbnb Owners: Everything you Should Know

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As an Airbnb homeowner, you will likely feel limited when it comes to storage space. Airbnb storage space is a constant problem for owners. 

In most cases, Airbnb properties were previously occupied by the owner. In such a property, you probably have some valuable items you do not want to keep in the house while renting it out. 

In this blog post, we'll go over all your storage alternatives. Nothing will be left out from self-storage options for Airbnb owners to renting a cheap property or subletting an apartment. 

But before we get into the available solutions, let us look at the importance of extra storage space for Airbnb owners.

Why Do You Need Self Storage if You Already Own An Airbnb Apartment?

There are several reasons why Airbnb owners need additional storage space. First of all, most Airbnb homeowners renovate the apartment or room they want to rent out before offering it on Airbnb. If that's the case for you, you'll probably need to free up space by clearing out old items like furniture, clothes, artwork, etc. 

At the same time, creating storage space for your guests is the only way to make them feel at home and store their stuff while they rent your place. Finally, self-storage is popular among Airbnb owners because of the freedom and protection it offers 

In other words: When you store your belongings in a self-storage unit, you can be sure that your stuff is safe, and you can decorate your Airbnb property the way you want.

How Can Self Storage Facilities Be Useful?

Self-storage facilities hold several advantages for Airbnb owners. Aside from the extra space and protection we explored above; self-storage is a brilliant idea for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility: Self-storage facilities are very flexible regarding the number of items you would like to store and the storage rental duration. 
  • Additional Flexible services: Facilities offer additional benefits for Airbnb owners. A good example is the pickup and delivery service provided by Juujbox, which allows you to move your belongings in a breeze. 
  • Affordable: Usually, self-storage units are more affordable than subletting a flat or cheap apartment to store your items. Some storage plans start as low as $14.95 per month. 
  • Professional treatment: Most self-storage facilities are run by trained professionals to properly treat your special items (electronics, vintage items, art pieces, etc). There are multiple climate control storage units that you can rent to store such items. 

Of course, self-storage isn’t the only option you have as an Airbnb owner. Let’s have a look at all four available solutions. 

4 Best Storage Options for Airbnb Owners

Option 1: Juujbox Self Storage

Contrary to other storage facilities, Juujbox offers services tailored to your needs as an Airbnb homeowner. If you are based in San Diego, there's simply no better solution than Juujbox. The company offers flexible storage plans starting at $9.95 for one monthly box. 


Juujbox is one of the few self-storage facilities in the world that offers a pickup and delivery service, allowing you to safely store your items without visiting the storage facility. So if you need more time or transportation to do the move, the company is there for you. 

However, since Juujbox offers a service based on boxes, it is the best choice for storing small items like clothes. So if you need to store large items like furniture, you may need to rent a storage unit instead.

Option 2: Storage units

Even though renting a storage unit isn’t as flexible as Juujbox, it is the best way to go if you need to store multiple items you had before you transformed your apartment into an Airbnb listicle. The good thing about storage units is that you can find one in every city around the US. 

Regarding pricing, storage unit facilities like CubeSmart and A1 offer small units for as low as $49 per month. The downside is that storage unit facilities rarely offer transportation services. So you will need to handle the move and organize your storage unit yourself. 

Option 3: Store Your Items with Family or Friends

Unlike juujbox and storage units, our next solution is completely free in most cases. Some Airbnb owners use their family or friends' homes to store their personal belongings. Usually, this is used as a short-term solution. 

The reason is simple. 

Don’t forget that you will be occupying space that your relatives could use for themselves. We know that it is not easy to ask for such a favor. At the same time, you are not covered if your items are damaged. 

But, if you are not sure whether you will rent out your apartment on Airbnb for a long time, you can use this solution as a trial. After a while, when your Airbnb listing has turned into a lucrative business, you could opt for a self-storage facility like Juujbox.

Option 4: Renting, Buying or Subletting a Property 

Lastly, as an Airbnb owner, you can rent, buy or sublet a property to store your items. Some residential properties are offered at low prices, depending on the city you are in. This could be considered a long-term investment, as renting/buying a low-priced property is usually cheaper than storage units in the long run.

But as with most alternatives to self-storage, this solution has certain drawbacks. First of all, you will have to make an upfront payment. Also, you have to make sure that your belongings are protected. In other words, you'll have to maintain the property to make sure your things are safe and do not get damaged.

Wrap Up

After exploring all the available options, it's clear why self-storage is the most popular option for Airbnb owners. Usually, friends and family are used as a short-term solution. Juujbox and storage units are by far the most flexible and secure way to store your belongings while renting out your home through Airbnb. 

If you need to store several small items or need a pickup/delivery service, Juujbox is the best solution. On the other hand, storage units are a better option if you need to store large items. So, the final choice depends on your needs and preferences.

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