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Store your Stuff from $9.95/month.

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Full Service Storage

Juujbox will provide the boxes you'll need. We'll pick your stuff up, securely store it, and deliver to your door when you need them.

Here's how Juujbox works

1. Pack

Pack your stuff in the free boxes we'll provide you.

2. Pickup

We'll come pick your boxes up when you're ready.

3. Store

We'll securely store your items.

4. Deliver

We'll deliver your boxes to your door when you need them.

Discover why juujbox is different:

juujbox PODS Traditional Storage
Home pickup and delivery
Free boxes for packing
Pay for what you need
Packing supplies
Individual item delivery

San Diego's Cheapest Storage Solution

Whether you have a storage unit somewhere today or have dealt with one in the past, you'll know they are a hassle. You wind up paying monthly to store items that become difficult to get back.

Storage units around San Diego are usually not in the safest neighborhoods, and generally, no one gets super excited about having to visit one.

Juujbox provides San Diego with a low-cost and affordable storage solution that picks up and delivers your items right from your door. That means you won't have to worry about dealing with storage units and finding someone's truck to borrow.

We are a full-service storage solutions provider and can handle individual item delivery, like providing you with your holiday decorations when the holiday season comes around.

We are the cheapest storage solution, with prices starting at $9.95/month.

With Juujbox, your stuff will never end up in the storage graveyard, and you'll never have to borrow your ex-boyfriend's truck.

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Why Customers Choose Juujbox

Avoid paying for an entire storage unit.

Service to your door. Never visit a storage unit again.

No need to rent or borrow a truck.

Extra insurance coverage included by default.

San Diego based customer support.

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